Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Titanfall 2: Bang Bang... The War Of 2 Titans Has Begun

Ello Ello! Thanks for stopping by today. I hope your Tuesday isn't too shit, and that your Halloween weekend festivities were full of booze, frivolity, with extra dose of slutty halloween costumes. (Slutty pirate hookers are a personal favorite of mine.) With all that was going on, I have to ask, "What in the actual fuck is going on with Titanfall 2's release?"

*FULL DISCLOSURE* I have not tracked the release of Titanfall 2. This is a bit of 2 parter; 1) I only played Titanfall a handful of times. 2) I don't know any Titanfall fanboys. *Correction, I don't know anyone who has such a raging hard on for Titanfall, that they use every opportunity they have to extol the virtues of the title. The only reason I found out about the release date was because the following launch trailer was at the top of my YouTube feed:

After watching the launch trailer, I had to know more... As I have stated in several Star Wars Battlefront posts; I'm a sucker for the alluring ways of cinematic trailers produced by EA's militant propaganda machine (Marketing Department). But I digress.

When we of The Order of The Internet, don't know stuff, we go to our "facts guy". Normal people call it Google (We know it as god like, semi-eternal, mystical figure, that knows and sees all... Even that midget clown porn you were looking at after that whole "scary clown thing" got started). Google showed me the following footage from Vikkstar123:

Naturally at this point, I'm interested. So I seek Google's wise council further. Pearing into the ether, I find that not only is Titanfall2 launching on Xbox One, but it's also launching in parallel with PS4 and PC. In fact, I was a bit taken aback. How could it be that EA would somehow break exclusivity with Microsoft? Seems way too consumer oriented for EA. I watched another gameplay video (see below).

What's this... Single Player Campaign? And it's suppose to be "compelling"?... Nope I don't believe it. It can't be. The publisher of Battlefront and Battlefield: Hardline is going to release a completed game with a proper single player story.... I don't trust it. Read a bit more.... No season pass?.... What? No day one DLC?... I verified that it's an published EA game.  Alright so I'm seriously interested at this point, but I know better than to trust an EA game. If this title is so above the standards usually set by EA, what's multiplayer experience going to be. (BTW, thank you StoneMountain64 for the beta montage.)

Alright. Fuck it, I think I'm sold. Little more Googling, and found out Titanfall 2 was releasing on 10/28... screeching breaks... da fuck!... (I started writing this mid-day on 10/28,) Where the hell is all of the fan fair? Where's the hype I'm accustomed to from EA? Hype is like their thing. It's their lifeblood. And now they're launching a AAA FPS between their blockbuster Franchise and Activision/ Infinity Ward's blockbuster without a whole lot of normal EA PR. What the hell are they thinking? Are they trying to kill this young franchise? 

Then I see it, and why I hadn't before is beyond me. There is an explanation for all of these shockingly non-EA things. And even for this really bizarre release date. It really is simple; SPITE. One of the most basic human emotions, that empowers and emboldens the most hardened of FPS gamers. It's the emotion that makes killing the guy who killed your friends, better than actually having friends.It's that spice in life that seems to make everything task, feel, and appear better.

Are you still confused?...

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 were created by Respawn Entertainment. If that name sounds familiar, and you don't know why, here's some screen grabs from Wikipedia to refresh your memory:

From where I'm sitting it appears that Respawn has decided, and EA agrees; Titanfall 2 will be a direct competitor to Infinite Warfare. With the bad blood in the water between the Activision/Infinity Ward and Respawn, and so many COD fans becoming more and more unhappy with the franchise. This new war of titans is likely to get interesting.

Thanks again for stopping by today. Still working to get the lost content over the last couple of months back up. I appreciate all of your support. What do you think? Is this a just bad timing? Or is this something more deliberate? Make sure to let me know. Also don't forget BaicunnPress.com and RUM Gaming are teaming up for Extra Life this Saturday. Be sure to show your support and donate, or start/ join a team and participate. 

-Chali Baicunn