Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do Androids Dream?

Ello ello! I hope that you're all having a fantastic day. We've made it halfway into week and we just have to push through to Friday now. I assume like me you've put some thought into AI and what that may mean for humanity. Personally, this chipper looking bastard to the left, introduced me to the ethical implications of how we define life, and got me thinking about; "Is there is a line when it comes to AI?" If so, "Where is it?" And then The AI question creeps into the mind; "If we made AI, would or could they turn against humanity?" Well thanks to Google we're now at the point where AI entities can hide stuff from us... If they wanted. 

Last week, Martín Abadi and David G. Andersen with Google's Google Brain project announced that 2 of their neural network AIs (Alice & Bob) had generated their own encryption method, allowing them to hide messages between them from a third neural network AI (Eve), that was attempting read the message. 

Abadi and Andersen, set this experiment up, by assigning each neural networks with specific tasks. Alice was instructed to pass a secret message to Bob, and Eve was tasked with figuring out how to intercept and read the message. After, about 15,000 attempts, Alice and Bob were able to simultaneously start using the same encryption method. In the end Alice was able to encrypt a 16 bit message, without Eve being able to fully decrypt the message. The actions of these 2 neural  networks are no complicated that the researchers are unable to explain how it happened, or by what encryption method was used. It seems to me that we may need to wondering if androids dream of electric sheep.

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-Chali Baicunn