Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pokemon Go Is About To Drop And 12 Year Old Me Couldn't Be Happier

Hello, and good day to you, the fine readers of the blog. Thank you for stopping. Today is a good day for Pokemon fandom. During Nintendo's Pokemon GO Treehouse event brought representatives from Niantic, The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Pokemon GO field tester community together to reveal some of the final details we can expect from Pokemon Go. It's been a while since I have been this genuinely excited for a game release, and I've never cared this much about a mobile platform game. It could be that I'm wholly too nostalgia though.

Firstly, it has been confirmed by Mr Ishihara-san from the Pokemon Company, that the initial release of GO will only feature Kanto Region pokemon. He mentioned that this is a nod to the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The two field testers present, had brought up the subject while asking about the diversity of pokemon available. They had recognized that they had overlap in their core pokemon lists even though they live in San Fran and New York City respectively.

In case you're unaware the traditional/ classic wild pokemon battle, leveling, and evolution systems are not in Pokemon GO. As it was explained, the new way of catching wild pokemon was created to encourage people to stay moving, instead of stopping for the battle. As it is understood now, battling at gyms will level your pokemon, but leveling is not tied to evolution. When asked about new evolution system in Pokemon Go. It was explained that every pokemon caught comes with a certain number of  "Pokemon Candies" and each different pokemon requires a certain number of "Pokemon Candies" to evolve.

Future features that were confirmed are that a trading function will be add in the future, along with group activities and special events. It was also revealed that there are plans for future connectivity between the Pokemon core games and Pokemon Go.

Nintendo also took the time to demo how the Pokemon GO Plus works with the game. During the demo is was shown that when a pokemon is nearby the LED flashes green and vibrates. The user can "throw" by pressing the button, which triggers the LED to flash rainbow. If capture fails the LED turns reds, and if successful the LED turns green. It was also explained that users can interact with Poke Stops (special in game points of interest) using the GO Plus.

Probably the most exciting bit of information that was released at E3, is that the Pokemon Go Plus is going on sale soon. The current launch is scheduled for the end of July. With the game launching before the Pokemon GO Plus is available. A button in the app will direct you to the nearest physical or online retailer, where the device can be purchased for $34.99.

If you want to watch the whole event, check out the video below:

Thank you again for stopping by. I'll admit that I'm a Pokemon from way back in the day. I've even managed to pass the torch to my son. It only requires me to sing "I want to be the very best..", for him to bust out in the theme song regardless of where we're at. The only thing I'm really disappointed about Pokemon GO, is the new battle, capture, and evolution system, but who knows maybe enough in the community will say something to get a "classic mode" introduced. Let me know what you think, and make sure to follow on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Thanks again and I will see you soon.

-Chali Baicunn