Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kiddos! Daddy's Home!

Hello you magnificent and beautiful bastards. I'm back home finally, and just in time for E3 week. It seems like I have been gone for so long. So sorry to keep you waiting. I do apologize for the shutdown. Unfortunately, I was unable to devote any time at all to the blog during my hiatus, but I'm back with no foreseeable stops in the future. 

I understand that I'm a day late on E3 content, but I had day job issues that had to be addressed, but do not fear as the content for yesterday and today will be releasing tonight. With tomorrow's content releasing on time. 

I'm also very pleased to announce that BaicunnPress has a new content creator. Be looking for posts by Evah Auffter in the very near future. Also, I'm working on a special interview for fine folks. Plus, I've been working behind the scenes with RUM Gaming, and I'm hoping we can bring you some special events in the future. So if you like tacky off-colored humor, and bluntly honest commentary, stay tuned. 

And for the returning crowd, I so greatly value your support.

Chali Baicunn