Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Midweek Breakdown - New Division Trailer, Amazon Has A Game Engine?, and Farcry Primal Is Coming

Ello ello, you dapper dames and chaps! Thanks for stopping again. You know what time it is, right?.. It's that special time of the week where I bring you a quick run down of awesome nerd news. All to help take the sting out of hump day. It seems that the video game drought is coming to an end, and there is a lot of awesome shit to cover from this past week. So I'll stop wasting your time, and let's jump in. 

Unless you have been living under a rock, then your's probably already aware that there's a new DOOM coming to market. But what you might not know, and as I incorrectly predicted; Bethesda will release DOOM on May 13th 2016. In the mean time though, they left us with the following campaign trailer:

Next up, prepare to be assaulted by cannibals and sacrificed to the sun god!.. At least that's what Ubisoft is promising from the next installment of Farcry. Instead of gunning down dickish pirates, you'll me bashing skulls with clubs. From the promotional material, the game looks stunning, and here's to hoping
Ubisoft is able to deliver. The game is centered around the player experiencing what it might be like to struggle for survival as a prehistoric tribesman. Scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One on February 23rd, and PC on March 1st. Check out the gameplay from the newest 5 minute trailer below in the meantime:

To add to the terrible PC support for Batman: Arkam Knight, Warner Brothers officially pulled the plug for the Linux and OSX port. And let's just say the official announcement was done in a way that clearly illustrates that WB's gaming sector is clearly ran by flaming douche canoes... It was released via a Steam Community post. The announcement is great really, you know because fuck progress. Am I right? If you want to read some of the truly funny replies click this link to visit the Steam Community announcement.

Today the Division dropped a factions trailer on us.:

In further gaming news, Amazon has released a license free game engine, called Lumberyard. Yes you heard that right, I said Amazon. Lumberyard has been promised to cost exactly $0 to use, and publish games with. Based on the CryEngine game engine from Crytek. If you've ever wanted to create your own game, now may be just the time for you to do it. I covered it's release in yesterdays post, just click here to read it, or go to over to the official Lumberyard site for more details.

And just in in case you've been itching for some new info on Mirrors Edge 2, a new trailer was released 2 days ago. I know what you're thinking... This is DICE and EA making this and they can't really be trusted right now. That's fair, but don't let that prevent you from enjoying the trailer:

Now, finally in some movie news, a new X-men Age of Apocalypse trailer was dropped on us during the Superbowl 50.

And as a friendly reminder, Deadpool releases Friday!

And that's all I have for you today, hope you enjoyed. If there's anything I missed, please be sure to let me know. If you liked what you read, please be sure to share it with your friends. I'll be back tomorrow with another post. Thanks again for stopping by. And I will see you tomorrow. 

-Chali Baicunn