Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is This Who We Are?

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. Today we have guest post from the vault. This is a philosophical post of sorts, written by my friend DANG, regarding his loss of faith in humanity. Read on and enjoy!


Sometimes, in life, you see or hear something that changes the way that you feel about the human race. In some cases you walk away from your experience with a profound sense that humans are good and that life really is all flowers, sunshine and people caring for each other. Other times the news is more grim and you just have to wonder why we allowed ourselves to procreate and shouldn't we just be wiped off the planet like the scourge that we all are? Philosophically speaking, the reason that we are so affected by news of how humans treat each other, (good or bad,) is simply because we now all have a horse in the race. In our polymorphous society we cannot simply separate one group's actions from ourselves because politically we are not allowed the time-honored method of coping which is to separate ourselves into groups (that would of course be racist or something.) We are all in this together and therefore any good or evil that we encounter is part of us personally.

So, I recently heard a true story that immediately darkened the skies of humanity. A story so vile that I felt that I could never look on the human race the same again. A story, not of murder or abuse (which we have all come to accept with some sort of detached nonchalance) but one of mutual hedonism that aggravated every fiber of decency that was in me. I passed this story on to a friend anticipating a similar response, and although the depravity of the subject was new to him, he did not react as I would expect. I was anticipating at least some measure of appalled disgust and what I got was simply slightly intrigued nonchalance. His reaction to the story destroyed my faith in people even more than the story itself. What kind of a world do we live in if we are so desensitized that we can no longer have an emotional reaction to utter depravity. He blamed his lack of surprise on the internet, particularly 4chan. I guess that I understand.... but that doesn't mean that there isn't something deeply wrong happening here.

So now I will tell you the story and let you decide for yourself whether you are at all affected by the knowledge that is about to become part of you. Please let me know, for posterity of course, what you felt when you read it. Here goes:

I have a friend who is a doctor in an urban emergency room. He sees homeless patients several times a day. The other day he treated a  homeless man with a colostomy bag. In questioning the unfortunate gentleman he came to realize that the man had been selling his ostomy hole for sex. That's right - he had been letting other bums fuck him in his side hole for probably malt liquor and some Kools. At first I called b.s. and told my doctor friend that this couldn't possibly be true at which time he explained to me that it was true and that the homeless man had a nasty case of gonorrhea in his 'side-butt.'

There are so many details that are left unanswered about this situation. Were all the other holes occupied? What exactly does an ostomy fuck go for?..... It really did blow my mind.

Am I just a naive shut-in to be affected by this story? Is this something that I should just have expected to hear about someday? WTF!


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-Chali Baicunn