Monday, January 11, 2016

First Post From The New Host

Hey what's going on out there in the internet today? (Don't answer that it's rhetorical.) This is the first post from our new hosting platform. If you're familiar with BaicunnPress, you'll know that it's been a while since the old site was shut down. But as promised, we are bringing the site back. A little cleaner, but much easier to admin. We wanted so badly for the last site to have a lot of amazing features. However, in our rush to get everything up we were forced to cobble together a site that ended up being a huge pain in the D to admin, and was a collection of patched together code that'd work and then stop working again. Also our hosting fees ended up removing a huge chunk of what was meant to be our production budget.

So now that we are a little leaner, and a little cleaner; we're working away trying to import in a lot of our old content, and generate new content. We're hoping we can bring you more audio, video, and written content than before. In the coming weeks expect to see new content releasing several times a week. (A goal we were unable to fufill on the old site due to constant technical issues.) We hope you'll come back and check out what we have to offer. If you want to keep tabs on our progress, and new posts, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@BaicunnPress).

Thanks for stopping by, if you're interested in contributing, feel free to reach out to us using the contact form on the right.

-Chali Baicunn